Registration in Jolli Loans – how to take payday loans.

Jolli loan is a non-bank institution related to Provident, which specializes in providing loans in installments. The offer he proposes takes into account the possibility of taking from 800 to 25,000 PLN, which is accompanied by favorable conditions. We can choose a repayment period from 3 to 48 months.

Jolli loan – Offer details

Hapi Loans - Offer details

Jolli loan have been on the Polish market for a short time. It is a company associated with Provident, which is well known to Poles as one of the best loan companies. Jolli loan offer is significantly different from the offer of its parent brand, because it focuses on loans divided into installments with a long repayment period, but does not provide so-called payday loans. The customer can choose from loans from PLN 1,500 to PLN 7,500 for a period of 3 to 24 months, where repayment is made in installments. These amounts are significantly higher compared to the offers of competing companies, which is why more and more people are interested in additional cash injection in Jolli loan. The amount of the awarded amount, however, depends on the verification of our data and the assessment of creditworthiness. After these verifications, the company sets the maximum amount that it can borrow.

A person who wants to take advantage of the Jolli Loan offer must be of legal age, possess Polish citizenship and a valid ID card. Due to the fact that the lender pays great attention to security, each customer should undergo three-fold verification. For this you need your own email address, mobile number and bank account. One of the basic conditions for obtaining a loan is to have documented income. Such information is needed to ensure that smooth repayment of installments will not be a problem for the client.

A person who meets all the requirements will receive cash in a very short time, so in this respect Jolli loan can confidently compete with traditional payday loans.

A customer who receives a loan but has a temporary problem with paying the installment can use the service they call “installment vacation”. Depending on the period for which we took out the loan, we are entitled to one to four such “holidays”.

Documents needed for registration

Documents needed for registration

  • ID card
  • Bank account
  • Mobile phone

4 Steps to Register at Jolli loan

  1. Visit the Jollisite website
  2. Use the slider to select the loan amount you are interested in and the repayment period
  3. Fill out the short registration form on the website and accept the regulations
  4. Transfer the registration fee of PLN 1 to your account

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