Registering with Onu Manuo Now – How to get a loan online?


Onu Manuo is another direct advisers group product after eicredit and Paudamoney, which replaced Cashmo on the Polish installment loans market. Thanks to Onu Manuo we can get from 300 to 10,000 PLN in installments, and the maximum repayment period is even 24 months.


Onu Manuo – learn more about the offer

Onu Manuo offers easy and quick installment loans. It offers up to PLN 10,000 with a maximum repayment period of 36 months. It is enough to be an adult Polish citizen with an identity card, bank account and stable income. You will also need a cell phone number and email address.
Borrowing in Onu Manuo is completely safe. The lender cares about the full protection of its clients, therefore it encrypts data and uses firewalls and access codes. You don’t have to worry that your personal data will be disclosed to third parties. Thanks to the multi-stage electronic authentication, applying for money will not cause any problems.

The special advantage of installment loans offered by Onu Manuo are transparent costs. The lender does not hide any fees, which is why the customer is immediately aware of the expenses that he will have to incur in connection with the contract. Remember to make timely payments so that Onu Manuo is not forced to start debt collection proceedings. Once you know the loan offer, all you have to do is find out how you can apply for the cash you need.

What is necessary for registration?

In order to complete the registration process necessary to take out a loan, you will need:

  • Internet access
  • Mobile phone
  • ID card
  • Bank account

Onu Manuo – the process of taking out a cash loan

Onu Manuo - the process of taking out a cash loan

When we find Onu Manuo in the Trueier.Net installment loan comparator and we have a mobile phone and ID card on hand, we can apply for a loan. To do this:

  • Decide what amount we need and when we will be able to pay it
  • Complete the application, providing basic information about yourself, including email and mobile number
  • Wait for the approval of the application and accept the offer if it meets our expectations
  • Expect cash withdrawals to help you improve your budget.

If we want to know the details of the loan, we can do it at any time. You just need to log in to your profile on the Onu Manuo website.

Benefits of Taking a Loan in Onu Manuo

Benefits of Taking a Loan in Onu Manuo

Borrowing with Onu Manuo has the same benefits:

  1. Borrowing is simple and secure
  2. The loan offer is tailored to the requirements of an individual customer
  3. The lender does not hide any costs – he clearly presents all fees
  4. Onu Manuo services are available 24/7. During customer service hours, you can get answers to all your questions.


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